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Reasons behind the growing popularity of Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are having quite a moment, however, their current popularity is not a fad. Perfume oils have lots of positives and more so when they are compared to the mainstream alcohol-based perfumes. That said, we all like to smell good, but it’s quite annoying when the scent you are wearing fades away in some time. However, this clearly doesn’t have to be the case. This is where the fragrance oils of South Africa come in. There are many reasons for their growing popularity – and the soft fragrance is only a small part of it. So, let’s dive deep into it!

Benefits of using Fragrance Oils of South Africa

  • Contains no alcohol: Most spray perfumes available in the market these days have alcohol in them, making the smell far too strong for some people to wear and smell. Moreover, alcohol-based perfumes evaporate from the bottle faster. This is a cause of concern for those who have a large collection of scents. That said, while applying fragrance oils, you don’t waste as much either.
  • Oil-based scents are skin-friendly: Traditional alcohol-based perfumes evaporate to spread the fragrance, and in doing so, it takes away your skin’s natural oils, leaving it dry. Though fragrance oils too work the same way, they also moisturize the skin, thus are less irritating and more suitable for dry skin types.
  • Has a more subtle appeal: Gone are the days when clouds of fragrance announced one’s entrance and lingered long after his or her exit. Perfume or fragrance oils follow a more modern approach. Applied closer to the skin, these are not something you wear when you want people to smell you across the street but are perfect for environments such as an office where you can wear the fragrance without offending others.
  • A personal scent: If you love mass-market fragrances, then fragrance oils are clearly not for you. It is more suited to people who look for a unique and personal scent. There’s a world beyond the departmental store perfume counter, and it’s time you found out about it. Not only it is fun to explore the different fragrance oils of South Africa, but you may actually find a signature scent that goes with your persona.
  • Fragrance lasts longer: Unlike traditional perfumes, fragrance oils are oil-based. Since skin absorbs oil, the fragrance gets locked inside the skin pores, thereby prolonging the fragrance. This is thus great for individuals who constantly complain about alcohol-based perfumes that don’t last long and are a complete waste of money.
  • More affordable: Most individuals think that fragrance oils are costlier than spray perfumes but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, fragrance oils and spray perfumes are priced quite alike. However, the fact that fragrance oils last longer than the competition is what makes them a more cost-effective and great value for money product. Moreover, the fragrance of spray perfumes doesn’t last long. On the other hand, a single dab of fragrance oil on the wrist or behind the ear tends to last the entire day.

How can we help?

While it’s true that fragrance oils are nothing like essential oils and do not help ease muscle pain, skin problems, or other bodily afflictions, it has a niche of its own that has nothing to do with aromatherapy. If you want a lasting smell to help keep you fresh even after a hard day at work, you’d love to wear fragrance oils.

At Elementary Shop, we constantly endeavor to come up with innovative products that not only help us in fighting the harsh weather elements outside but also make our unique solutions more affordable for all. It’s worth mentioning that high-end cosmetic counters can charge a premium for fragrance oils. So, if you want to save some money and at the same time do not want to compromise on the quality of the products, feel free to check out our amazing list of products.

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