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The many uses and benefits of Essential Oils in South Africa

Essential oils have been in use for over 6000 years and are now mainly used in aromatherapy – a form of alternative medicine that makes use of plant extracts to improve health and well-being. Aromatherapy is often described as a therapeutic application of aromatic substances such as essential oils, for holistic healing. So, in case, you are looking for essential oils in South Africa and want to know more about them, you’ve come to the right place.

How do Essential Oils work?

Essential oils aren’t meant to be swallowed. When applied to the skin, some parts of the plant chemicals get absorbed. In fact, inhaling the essential oil aroma stimulates the limbic system and the areas in the brain that are directly related to emotions, sense of smell, and long-term memory. It also plays a notable role in improving heart conditions and fighting blood pressure problems.

Benefits of using Essential Oils

Here’s how essential oils fight common health problems and bring about a positive change in people.

  • Stress and anxiety: A study showed that about 43% of people use some sort of alternative therapy to deal with everyday stress and anxiety. The same studies have also shown that the aroma of certain essential oils has stress and anxiety-relieving effect. It works even well when paired with traditional therapy to treat anxiety.
  • Headaches and migraines: A particular study back in the 90s showed that dabbing a mixture of peppermint oil and ethanol on the forehead and the temples relieved headaches in people. More modern studies have shown that peppermint and lavender oil are also of help in fighting headaches. Using chamomile and sesame oil is of help in treating migraines.
  • Sleep and insomnia: Inhaling the aroma of the lavender oil improves sleep quality – especially in women after childbirth and patients with known heart problems. Many studies have revealed that lavender oil has a positive effect on people’s sleeping habits.
  • Reduces inflammation: Certain essential oils in South Africa are said to possess anti-inflammatory effects, and thus are great for fighting inflammatory conditions. Some of the other types are good for fighting bacterial infections.

Key takeaway

Essential oils have many uses even outside the domain of aromatherapy. These days, they are even used for freshening up laundry and used in scented candles and homemade cosmetics. In fact, these even serve as a safe and environment-friendly alternative to man-made mosquito repellents. At Elementary Shop, you’d get all kinds of natural and organic products related to aromatherapy. Our products come from respected and trustworthy sources, so you always get quality products at competitive rates.

Aromatherapy can definitely help in dealing with certain conditions, but it has to be used correctly to reap its benefits.

For more info about our range of essential oils and tips on how to use them, connect with us at sales@elementaryshop.co.za. You may even call us at 033 342 7305 to order our products in bulk or to discuss our transparent pricing policy.