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Jasmin Essential Oil

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Jasmin essential oil comes from the tiny white flowers that can be found on jasmine, or Jasminum Officinale plants, which originate from Iran. Renowned for its sweet and deeply rich aroma, jasmine is a popular ingredient for perfumes.

Jasmine oil has been known to have antiseptic, antispasmodic and rejuvenating properties. As a result, there are lots of benefits to using it, including:-

Dealing with stress
Reducing anxiety
Fighting depression
Increasing alertness
Helping to fight low energy or chronic fatigue syndrome
Reducing menopausal symptoms and working as a natural remedy for PMS and cramps
Helping with sleep
Acting as an aphrodisiac

How can you use jasmine oil?

It can either be inhaled through the nose or applied directly to the skin.
It doesn’t need to be combined with a carrier oil and instead is recommended to be used undiluted for the best results.
You can also diffuse it in your home or combine it with other lotions, moisturizing coconut oil or essential oils for many different household and body uses — like homemade massage oil, body scrubs, soaps and candles, for example.
You can combine it with other essential oils to create a homemade perfume (recipe included in this article). What scents blend well with jasmine? Citrus oils, lavender and more!

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